We have been in the piano business for more than thirty years and possess considerable knowledge of and expertise with all kinds of pianos, from concert grands down to consoles and spinets. For a small fee, we can provide you with a professional written appraisal of your piano’s value and condition. This is especially important for estate and insurance planning purposes. Call (805) 604-0459 to schedule an appointment.


Sometimes, because of changing circumstances such as moving to a new location or other transitions in life, you may find it necessary to sell your piano. If you wish to do so but don’t want the hassle of advertising and showing it, we may be able to consign it for you and have it available on our showroom floor. Contact us at (805) 604-0459 to discuss the details—we’ll need to know manufacturer, type of piano (upright or grand), age and/or serial number, type of finish, condition of the instrument, location.


A piano purchase is an important investment, and a good instrument can add up to a significant amount of money. We can make arrangements for financing your piano purchase or setting up term payments. Layaway is also available. Contact us at (805) 604-0459 for more information, or talk to one of our representatives when you visit the store.

Institutional Sales

We have over a hundred pianos in our store showrooms, but, as a dealer, we can also order quantities of the same or similar instruments for studio or rehearsal spaces. If you are a school or other institution needing a large number of quality pianos, we can arrange your purchase. Please contact us at (805) 604-0459, or come in to discuss the details.

Non-Profit Discounts

Are you a church or other IRS-recognized non-profit organization? (Proof of exempt status required.) We will be glad to offer you an additional discount on your piano purchase. Contact us at (805) 604-0459, or come in to discuss the details.

Piano Purchases

If you need to sell your piano outright, we may be interested. Please call us at (805) 604-0459 with the details—manufacturer, type of piano (upright or grand), age and/or serial number, type of finish, condition of the instrument, location.


Our staff of professional refinishers and technicians can take your older piano and restore it to excellent condition. We offer various levels of service, from external refinishing, to small repairs, to restringing or other ways of reconditioning a used piano. We are specialists in full or partial restoration of vintage pianos. Further information on Our Shop page.


If you already own a piano, we can provide referrals to professional piano tuners or piano movers in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and the Los Angeles area. Call us at (805) 604-0459. To locate a piano teacher in your area, visit the Music Teachers’ Association of California website:


Music is so very important. Young students who study music have an advantage over those who do not study. We challenge all parents to give their child one year of serious piano lessons, on a good instrument. Hands down, it is the best thing you can do!

Whether you need one piano for a day, 10 for a week, or simply a good piano for lessons and enjoyment in your home, give us a call at (805) 604-0459. We offer monthly piano rentals (prices from $45 and up). First and last month’s payment (including tax) and round-trip delivery will get you started. If you decide you want to might want to own an instrument, you can apply all of your rental payments, for a stated time period, towards the purchase of that piano, or another in our store, in a similar, or more expensive price range. “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”.  We also offer short-term rentals for special engagements, such as an art exhibit, a private concert, a home staging, or a wedding.